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Using the local edition of bisexual hookup sites. I give my comments in two sections: first specifically on and second on internet bisexual hookup in general. Bisexual hookup sites I found the interface of to be very neat and functional. The search criteria works well, unlike other sites. In my local area, I can find a fairly large quantity of profiles in my late twenties age group. In their appearance, the women are fairly spread out. The did something strange to my profile: on several times when I changed it, a few lines of text were erased after passing through the customer approval centre. I asked the service about this problem twice, but never got an answer.

ONLINE bisexual hookup IN GENERAL.

I am dissapointed with online bisexual hookup. My comments are biased according to my male gender, also according to the fact I got hurt and am trying to warn guys out there. I divide my response in four parts to illustrate why it's a real bad deal for "normal" friendly guys.

1. I am relieved to see other guys writing their negative comments because I was taking it personally. I got a very low response to the emails I sent. I had my profile reviewed by an internet bisexual hookup advice guru for men. I bought his book and it helped improve my bisexual hookup scene a lot, but I can't find a satisfactory relationship online. The profile has to be good, I have a Master degree, take dance classes and have a fairly positive chances getting phone numbers when I meet girls. On the internet, I seem to get almost no response.

2. Most bisexual hookup sites have a male to female MUCH above the 1:1 ratio, which makes the demand/ supply unreasonable. Want proof? Log on as a female, search for guys of an age group, count the reults. Do the same as a male. You can easily find at least a 2:1, more realistically an 8:1 ratio. Many female reviews here say they are bombarded with emails and winks. I totally believe them. When they meet with guys in person they are totally demanding and if they don't get what they want there are 10 other guys emailing them to choose from. To top it off, many of the guys are probably losers who hide behind a computer screen. You just have to realize that there are a lot of women out there that get quick ego boosts from all their attention. You should also compare internet bisexual hookup to in person meeting where women rarely pursue guys, view it as not their job and play hard to get. Take a nice girl, put that little piece of arrogance and multiply that by 100 for the internet medium. Heck, take an ugly dumb girl with no self esteem and she becomes a princess. I know that there will be some female readers catching this and getting offended any many are nice out there, but be honest about the quick ego boost.

3. Some internet women openly say how bored they were of the previous guys they met right up front. There might be some truth in it, but I can't really know how all the other guys are like. Maybe a significant proportion of the guys are just non-social internet maniacs, but I can't know that. One woman I met in real life after a few emails and phone calls told me that the last person she met online and met in person proposed to her. Am I lumped into that category of losers? To be honest, I felt uneasy when she asked me why I tried an online bisexual hookup site.

4. Another woman I met in person after a few emails turned out to be a bit bland. After our meeting, we did an MSN chat and I told her that I didn't find the chemistry happening. She told me that she had ten chat friends. A few weeks later, she did an email to about 12 guys not realizing that all of us would see each other on the recipient lists. I saw that she logged in every single day that I have, meaning she probably did it every day. On many sites, I see the same profiles popping up every time when I do a sort according to last login dates and I think that there might be people out there with too much time on their hands.

5 I really think that a guy should have his life on track and just do pass times where he can meet women in a more normal environment. Once you get past many internet women attitudes, you realize a lot of them have low self esteem, don't have friends, do drugs, or have some not normal component in their lives. There simply are a lot better women out there, you just have to find them. The best thing to do is to get experience with females friends of friends, or try to find women in clubs or places where you practice a hobby or sport.