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This is a situation unique to being gay; therefore I am not sure if I can necessarily fault for this. I signed up on because I assumed that, this being the largest site for gay men, I would yield a few different guys to date. Unfortunately, the guys I met in the area were guys I either: 1) already knew or 2) about the only thing we had in common was that we were gay. And that was about it. Every time I would check to see if anyone new had joined, it ended up being guys I already knew or talked to before - with new profile names. No matter what gay hookup site you join, you can't run from the facts - there's just not that many of us out there. Unless you plan on moving to new cities every year or two, get used to the fact that you will run into the same guys over and over, many of the "new" guys aren't new at all; just their profile name is.

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You are also dealing with many unenlightened men on here. Most do not understand that the pickings are pretty slim in most cases, and their expectations of a future partner don't match what is realistic. Here are a few tips: 1) If you are 21 and only want another 21-25 year old, you won't find anyone. In some cases you have to expand your age range 10-15 years just to find anyone. 2) Understand how few of us are really out there. Realize that many of these guys are just coming out (or not out at all) and do not understand the dynamics of gay relationships. Most of the time, as strong as they come on, that is as strong as they will leave. 3) Male - male relationships take a LOT of time and compromise. Both of you can't just sit with your arms folded waiting for the other guy to make the first move/ do all the work.

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